All the power of a CSE Linux desktop...
no matter where you are.
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Maintenance is scheduled every Friday from 6am - 7am


What is VOLE?
VOLE stands for Virtual Online Linux Environment. A full CSE Labs Linux desktop delivered virtually through an application called FastX. This means you can do homework, programming and even use engineering software from your laptop in the dorms or on the beach... as long as you can connect to the internet, you can connect to a VOLE desktop!

Remote Access

Access the power of a Linux environment from any computer. Free yourself from the labs and work from anywhere you want.

Empowering 3D Applications

Utilizing the power of NVIDIA GRID computing hardware to remotely bring your applications to life without ever having to set foot in a lab.

Computing Power

Enterprise hardware specifically designed for virtually delivering a full Linux operating system and all available College of Science & Engineering open source and licensed software.

Get Started

You can connect to VOLE in a few simple steps:

Step 1:

Open a web browser and connect to (or if you would like to use 3D applications).

Log into FastX with your University login username and password. (You need to have an active CSE Labs account.)

Step 2:

Note the message about idle sessions being killed after 24 hours and Click on Close.

Step 3:

Click on the Launch Session button to start a new session.

Step 4:

Click on the XFCE logo and then click Launch on the bottom right.

Step 5:

If you see a warning about a pop-up being blocked, check your browser’s settings. You can avoid this in the future by changing the settings in your browser to allow pop-ups from the site.

Step 6:

That’s it! You can now work in a full CSE Linux desktop environment.


You can resize the Linux desktop by resizing the browser window and then clicking on the fullscreen icon at the top.

Selecting the double-ended arrow button (circled in red) will resize the Linux desktop to fill your screen.

Selecting the paper icon (the first icon) will open the clipboard to copy and paste between your Vole session and local computer.

Due to high usage, VOLE will automatically kill processes that have been running for longer than 24 hours. Idle sessions will be timed out after 4 hours.

Weekly maintenance and updates will occur between 6am and 7am on Fridays. Please save your work to prevent loss to your data.


Having trouble accessing VOLE? Or have more questions? We can help!

  • Email

    Email to connect with CSE-IT.

  • Call

    Call CSE-IT at 612-625-0876 during normal University hours or feel free to leave us a message.

  • In Person

    CSE-IT staff are availabe in person in Keller Hall 1-201 during normal University hours.